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Image by Tom Jur
Image by Tom Jur

About  Audience Focus

As the official publication of the BIA, Caribbean Architecture Design (CAD) Magazine is a key source for information on the industry, projects, and ideas of architects and design professionals within Barbados and the Caribbean.

The Magazine

CAD gives insight from our perspective on accessibility and interactions with professionals; the creation of public awareness in matters of the built and natural environment, and more. We exist to share the stories of and from the people who create the places we live, work, learn and play as expressions of our art and our purpose to significantly influence and contribute to the development of community and country. 

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Mission Statement

The mission of Caribbean Architecture Design is to bridge the gap between architects and design professionals and those who experience architecture and design in the community. 

1. Connect 

We give insight and a professional perspective to deepen relationships with the public. 

2. Inspire

We share knowledge and educate on topics encompassing architecture & design for the benefit of the people. 

3. Illuminate

We celebrate architecture and design in Barbados and the Caribbean.

Image by Tom Jur
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The BIA Story

The Barbados Institute of Architects (BIA) is the local body for architecture and the architectural profession. The institute was established on the 10th April 1968 as the "Barbados Society of Architects" and was later renamed to its current title on the 30th May 1979. 

Now, as we forge ahead into the digital future, we continue the conversation by creating this publication to provide guidance and education to the public on the matters of the industry. Placing the thoughts and words of the leaders in our field directly into the readers hands offers the invaluable knowledge needed to inspire good design and public satisfaction - today and beyond. 

The BIA Publication Committee

Who We Are

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